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 4th charrie

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PostSubject: 4th charrie   4th charrie I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 2:28 pm

Name-White Lilly
GRACE-grace of seeing things before it happens. she is very good in fights because of that.
Appearance- light light blond that almost seems white, shes very very pretty, has one grey eye and one light blue eye. She is average height, 5"3, and most of the time, her hair is covering her eyes.
Bio- White lived with her parents until her dad died. Her dad was mortified and swore never to let anyone hurt White. He taught White how to fight for self protection and when she was 8 years old, she got her eyes. Her dad was very happy when he learned her grace and made her swear to never misuse it. She swore and now lives with her father happily, kicking but when needed. Sometimes she subs people in the King's guard, but the rest of the time, she just llives.

~Emerald-Em-Grace of Emotions~
~Evening-Eve-Grace of Water~
~Cerri-Cer-Grace of Murder~
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4th charrie
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